Offering Online DUI Classes, Alcohol Drug Education, Relapse Prevention, Anger Management and Minor In Possession Classes. DUI Evaluations, Alcohol Drug Clinical Evaluations, and Substance Abuse Evaluations are also available. All Clients are evaluated by Licensed and / or Certified Substance Abuse Counselors.

Right Direction Services is a licensed Agency and has been providing online court ordered classes since 2005. We  offer a large selection of high quality, cost effective internet based programs developed by professionals with over 30 years of experience in the field Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and the Criminal Justice System. Classes are designed to meet the requirements of the Courts, Probation, DMV, Employers, Insurance Companies and also individuals who want to educate themselves about the effects of alcohol and/or drug use

Our classes are User friendly, effective , flexible and convenient!

We are the only online provider that has email support services available 7 days a week, after hours, weekends and holidays.